Savings Account

Savings Bank accounts are suitable for promoting the habit of savings among the customers. It offers liquidity for the money and also earns interest.

Savings Bank accounts can be opened in the name of individuals, singly or jointly, minors of 14 years of age or above or under natural / legal Guardianship or by an illiterate or blind person and HUF.

Savings Account can be opened with Rs.500/- and minimum balance to be kept in the Account is Rs.500/- only. [Customers availing Cheque book facility & ATM facility have to maintain minimum balance of Rs.1000/- in the account.]

Interest is paid quarterly on Savings Account at 3.00 % p.a. as per the directives fixed by Reserve Bank of India & is credited to the account every quarterly  viz. in June, September, December & March months.

No TDS on interest earned in the SB account.

There is no ceiling on the maximum balance earning interest on Savings Bank accounts. The accounts can be operated by Withdrawal slips or by Cheques. 50 withdrawals per half year are permitted free of charge. 4 Cheque books of 15 leaves each are issued to the customer free of charge in a year.

Standing instructions are accepted and no charges will be levied for standing instructions within the Branch such as payment of monthly installment of Recurring Deposit, payment of EMI of loan account, etc.

Local as well as outstation cheques, dividend warrants, interest warrants payable to the account-holder are collected.

Documents Required

Duly filled in Account Opening Form with valid residential proof, PAN Number, Aadhar Card,  2 photographs and introduction by existing account holder of the Bank.

Other Facilities

  • Nomination facilities are available.
  • ATM Card Facility are provided free of cost (for first year) if the depositor maintains prescribed minimum balance. {withdrawal Limit Rs.20,000/-.}
  • Any Branch Banking Facility throughout all Branches of the Bank for operations in Savings / Term Deposit Accounts.
  • 24 x 7 Cheque Deposit Facility with acknowledgement for Cheque deposited in KIOSK machine.


Eligibility Any individuals, singly or jointly, Minors with their Guardians, HUF as well as Reg. Society.
Minimum Balance
  • Minimum balance to be kept in the Account is ₹500/- only.
  • Minimum balance to be kept in the Account is ₹1000/- for getting benefit of Cheque book facility.
T.D.S. Not Applicable.
Documents Required
  • Duly filled in Account Opening Form
  • Valid Residential Proof (for example : Adharcard)
  • Identity Proof (for example : Pancard)
  • 2 Photographs
Please note that, if PAN Card is unavailable submission of Form no. 60/61 is mandatory
Nomination Available
Facilities Offered
  • Rupay ATM Cum Debit Card Facility with ₹ 25000/- daily withdrawal limit.
  • PoS / E-com L
  • RTGS, NEFT & Cheque Book
  • Standing Instructions, ECS
  • Statement of Account at monthly intervals by e-mail.
  • SMS Banking Facility for Transaction Alerts, Loan / RD Installment Due Alert, RD/TD Maturity alert, CKYC Number, Aadhaar link Alert.
  • 24x7 Elobby facility - Cash Deposing using RuPay Card, 15-digit Account Number, Cash Withdrawal using RuPay Card, Cheque Deposit, Passbook update


12.5% for Stock & Book Depts, 12% for Stock, Book depts & 60% Colleteral


To meet expenses for pursuing higher Education , at India or abroad. Graduation / post-gradution / medical Dental / engineering / management / law Pilot / air hostess | 10.75 % to 12.00 %